What Are Marketing Operations?


Marketing operations are the behind-the-scenes processes that support and improve marketing teams and campaigns. These processes are less flashy than the award-winning TV ads or interactive digital ads that your company produces, but they are essential to help marketers achieve their goals in business.

The term “marketing operation” is used to describe a process that involves creating and maintaining marketing materials such as collateral, data management, and reporting, and then integrating them with other aspects of your business. It can also include the greater scope of project management as well as data analysis, IT support and other administrative functions.

Modern marketing teams operate across a variety of disciplines, including design, sales and software development. This means that a lot of different processes and systems have to be linked to ensure marketing teams are providing the right content at the right time to achieve the business objectives.

The role includes a significant amount of establishing and enhancing the marketing tech stacks in order to reduce complexity and assist the team reach their goals faster. Typical tasks include managing marketing technology stacks such as evaluation and approbation platforms and content management systems.

Having clear, well-defined procedures implemented by marketing teams helps them to accomplish their goals more effectively. It allows them to communicate their marketing strategies with internal stakeholders and provides everyone with an understanding of what is expected of them. It lets marketing teams create SMART objectives that are Specific, Measurable attained, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) so they can create more realistic timelines for projects and campaigns.

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